Recent Projects
   2008 Whitehouse Zoning Ordinance Update
   2008 Whitehouse Town Center Plan
   2007 Downtown Prairie View Revitalization Plan
   2007 NASA Parkway Revitalization Plan
   2007 North Pasadena Redevelopment Plan
   2007 Webster Comprehensive Plan Update
   City of Prairie View Geographic Information
   System (GIS) for future planning projects
   Whitehouse Comprehensive Plan: Vision 2020
   2005 Downtown Navasota Parking Study
   NEDC Economic Development Website
   2004 Navasota Comprehensive Plan
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About the Firm:

Butler Planning Services was established in 2004 by former Texas Target Cities (Texas A&M University) Project Manager Christopher Butler.

The firm practices urban planning, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) analysis/development, 3D visualizations, government podcasting, e-government implementation, and graphic design. A philosophy of focusing on public involvement, exhaustive GIS analysis, and above average document design has allowed the Butler Planning Services to quickly grow and establish a pattern of success for client cities. The firm focuses on small to medium sized Texas communities.

To date, several planning documents completed by Butler Planning Services or its founder have received recognition through American Planning Association (APA) awards. This recognition includes work which focused on comprehensive planning, economic development, transportation analysis, and downtown revitalization.

In addition to in-house experience, Butler Planning Services has partnered with other consulting firms, well respected academic professionals, and public-sector planners to provide a well-rounded product for municipal clients. The firm is committed to the production of fully original projects which are developed for the unique and specific needs of each community.


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